Delhi Tour

Trekking Tour

In the Uttarkashi Region
Day 01: Arrive in Delhi.
Day 02: Travel from Delhi ~ Haridwar ~ Rishikesh by bus.
Day 03: Proceed from Rishikesh to Gauri Kund by bus.
Day 04: Trek from Gauri Kund to Kedarnath in 6 hours.
Day 05: Take a sightseeing tour of Kedarnath.
Day 06: Trek from Kedarnath to Gauri Kund in 4 hours.
Day 07: Trek from Gauri Kund to Maggu (3050 meters) in 6 hours.
Day 08: Trek from Maggu to Panwali Khanta in 5 hours.
Day 09: Trek from Panwali Khanta to Ghuttu in 6 hours.
Day 10: Trek from Ghuttu to Baghi Chatti in 5 hours.
Day 11: Trek from Baghi Chatti to Budakedar in 4 hours.
Day 12: Trek from Budakedar to Belak Khal in 6 hours.
Day 13: Trek from Belak Khal to Lata in 3 hours, and then to Gangotri by bus in 5 hours.
Day 14: Trek from Gangotri to Bhojbasa in 5 hours.
Day 15: Trek from Bhojbasa to Gaumukh to Tapovan in 4hours.
Day 16: Trek from Tapovan to Bhojbasa in 3 hours.
Day 17: Trek from Bhojbasa to Gangotri in 4 hours. Visit temples of Gangotri in the afternoon.
Day 18: Proceed from Gangotri to Uttarkashi by bus in 6 hours.
Day 19: Proceed from Uttarkashi to Delhi by bus in 12 hours.
Day 20: Spend the whole day at leisure in Delhi.
Day 21: Take a flight back home.